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Bulgaria PHP 2016

The second edition of the Bulgaria PHP conference happened the last weekend and it was a blast! The whole dev team from visited the conference and we’ve enjoyed the great talks, networking, games and the spirit of the PHP community.

BGPHP 2016 stage just before the opening remarks

I even had the pleasure to give a lightning talk on Upgrading to PHP 7. You can check the slides for now (press S for speaker notes). We’ve recently gone through the migration process and we’ll write a separate blog post about it explaining everything - from testing to infrastructure.

Haralan Dobrev with Mihail Irintchev on stage before his lightning talk

The conference was really great - from the opening keynote to the closing words. Everyone really enjoyed it as you can see from what people were saying on Twitter:

We saw some great talks on machine learning, unit testing, API development, scaling, Docker, integrating the front-end and back-end and many more. On top of that we had very interesting and inspiring talks on the community and open-source. Jeremy Mikola and Cal Evans did a great job to inspire people to get together and do things. I think this is the only conference in Bulgaria which can attract so many community stars from around the world. Thanks to all the speakers who made themselves available for the attendees!

All attendees were able to play some old game classics and challenge speakers. The JeoPHPardy game organised by Jeremy Mikola was also very entertaining. I even won the second edition and shared the beers with some other attendees and speakers of the conference.

Haralan Dobrev accepting his prize from the second edition of JeoPHPardy

Videos of all talks are coming in about a month and I’m eager to watch everything I couldn’t and rewatch some more.

And finally here’s the dev team at the conference. From left to right: Evstati, Harry, Danail, Philip and Zdravko. Clippings dev team at the conference

Sincere thanks to all of the organisers who made this even possible!

If you haven’t attended please make sure to attend next year and to participate in your local user group. If you have attended, please fill out the post-conference survey and you will be able to win a ticket for next year.

Image copyright goes to Anna Filina, Bulgaria PHP Conference and Haralan Dobrev. Make sure you look at all the BGPHP16 photos from Anna Filina on Flicker, the official BGPHP16 photos and all of the awesome Tweets that everyone sent out!

Composer Tips & Tricks Talk

I’ve recently gave a talk about Composer Tips & Tricks at the Bulgaria PHP user group meeting in March.

Here are my slides and a list of tips and some useful links with examples from the talk:

We are eager to be organising, attending and speaking at more events. Drop me a line if you have ideas about various events.

We’re hiring! If you want to know more read about working at

Working at

We are always looking for new teams members to join our team of developers and help us with our growth. If you are a developer looking for new challenges, please read along.


Here are a few reasons why you would want to join our team:

Mission and values

Our mission is to redesign the furniture design industry. This sounds quite bold as most of the industry is operating offline and quite slow to change, but we see this as an opportunity.

We are fulfilling our vision by creating a platform to directly connect design brands and individual designers with their end customers - architects, interior designers and design-conscious consumers. We skip the chain of retailers, distributors and dealers. By empowering designers we support moving the industry further.

We are a small startup, but aim high and grow quickly. We’ve recently raised £850k via a crowdfunding campaign among the design community to help us with our mission to redesign the design industry.

Read more about Clippings and our philosophy.

The team

You would be working with highly-engaged team of developers. We always try to learn new technologies, incorporate the latest best practices and try new things.

We realise everybody has their strong and weak sides and we would help you learn in various fields - from improving communication with others to latest terminal hacks.

Our process

We are a small, but effective team working with tools and techniques like continuous integration, automated unit tests, Scrum and code reviews. The developers are really close to the product decisions working directly with the CEO and the creative director to plan our work.

We open-source a lot of our work and we try to help the community. We already have some popular packages and we’ve supported some projects related to Postmark, Algolia, MailChimp, Guzzle, OmniPay and more. You could see some of our open-source repositories at and

What kind of people we are looking for?

We are looking for passionate developers with experience in full-stack web programming. Technologies and frameworks are always changing so if you are experienced enough, you would know your current stack does not matter so much as adaptability.

We want people who are agile, initiative, always looking to grow and try new stuff.

We work a lot with PHP and JavaScript at the moment, but we also have sprinkles of Python, Ruby, Bash and others. You are welcome to change our stack if you have good arguments and it fits the business needs.

We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria and London, UK. All of the developers are in Bulgaria and we are mostly looking for people located there even working remotely, but we would consider every candidate.

How to apply?

Shoot us an email at Don’t forget to tell us a bit about yourself and send us some of your projects. Ideally you could send us links to your GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn and other relevant profiles.

Here are a couple of challenges we’ve prepared which you could try to do yourself, publish as your own open-source repositories and send them to us for review and feedback:

If you are interested to work with an agile team and have a direct impact on the product, please write back! Don’t hesitate to ask us more about Clippings.

Hello World!


This is the Clippings engineering and design blog where we would share our thoughts.

We would mainly write about:

  • our open-source projects
  • tips and tricks we are using
  • behind the scenes stories on how we have achieved something
  • the processes we use
  • team members
  • hiring

Expect a lot of posts about open-source, development workflow, continious integration, our culture and much more!